Placeteco inc. — Plastic components manufacturer : Aerospace engineering and ground transportation indutries.

State of the art

Placeteco use state of the art technologies for vacuum forming, laminating composites part, resin infusion, polyurethane injection and moulding of silicone parts.


Placeteco specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoformed parts, composite parts, polyurethane injected pieces, the moulding of silicone parts and the development of custom products. Placeteco's clients are concentrated in the aerospace and ground transportation industries.

Aerospace :
  • Airplane and Helicopter interior parts and components.
  • Ventilation Ducts.
  • Non-metallic machined pieces.
  • Ground support equipment.
Manufacturing of thermoformed parts : Aerospace ( Plane )Manufacturing of thermoformed parts : Aerospace ( Helicopter )
Custom products :

  • Electronic casings.
  • Masking polyurethane pieces for painting and other processes.
  • Variety of machined parts
Variety of 
machined parts : Custom design