Placeteco inc. — Plastic components company : Aerospace parts, cockpit instrument panel, boat instrument panel...

State of the art

Placeteco use state of the art technologies for vacuum forming, laminating composites part, resin infusion, polyurethane injection and moulding of silicone parts.


Aerospace products include interior components, ventilation ducts and a variety of machined or moulded (by thermoforming, laminating or other) parts.

Ground transportation products are mostly interior and exterior trim parts and accessories.

Custom machined parts are produced for a variety of clients. Placeteco also manufactures polyurethane and plastic parts according to the specific needs and design of the client.  The following is a short list of Placeteco products:

  • Cockpit Glareshield
  • Consoles
  • Side wall panel
  • Cockpit panel
  • Inner ceiling panel
  • Various interior part
  • Fireproof bulkhead
  • Storage compartment
  • Ventilation duct
  • Landing light lenses (aircraft) and windows (helicopters)
  • Fuel cell block
  • Headrest, armrest and footrest
  • Seat and component covering (leather, ultra-leather, vinyl, fabric)
  • Bumper (bus)
  • Ground support equipment